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TNS Antimicrobial Textile Technology

We are offering TNS additives for manufacturing  made of polyamide or polyester threads. What's more  we advise our clients in the process  manufacturing. Parts made from these threads get protection  permanent against viruses and bacteria, the fabric will not deteriorate with washing. What's more  we can  offer the possibility of bathing cotton fabrics. 
Studies have shown that viruses and bacteria can remain on fabrics for up to 48 hours. Have  too  fabrics manufactured in homologated plants with the certification of the Solvay group, this provides the guarantee that our polyamide in the fabric is 100% Amni® silver wire. Avoiding cross contamination. This inactivation occurs both in enveloped viruses (Influenza, herpes and COVID-19) and in non-enveloped viruses (Rotavirus). What's more  Due to its antimicrobial action, it avoids bad odors. Its effectiveness has been verified by independent laboratories, following the textile protocols of the international standards ISO 18184 and AATCC100.

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Products made with antiviral fabric

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