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TNS Nano Antiviral and Antibacterial Additives for Polymers, Vinyl, Laminates, Ceramics, Paints, Foams, Fibers, Paper and Cellulose.

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These antiviral and antimicrobial additives are the best solution for cross contamination, which accounts for more than 80% of infections. They are based on the use of Silver (Ag) and Copper (Cu) ions that offer protection against enveloped viruses, that is, the SARS-COV2 virus category.

Among the applications, the most successful without a doubt  they are those of polymers, especially plastic, ceramics and laminates. These have been identified as harmful  For the environment, this is now changing, as new technologies are being incorporated that undoubtedly generate value in the industry and in society. These properties have been validated following the ISO 21702 standard, for its viral function and the ASTM E3031 for its antibacterial efficacy.

We have seen changes in habits in our homes, work environments and in our day to day, due to this new normal. But we wanted these changes to be as uncomfortable as possible.

For this we have developed a way to create a safe environment with invisible but durable antiviral and antimicrobial properties, on various types of surfaces, such as: ceramic floors, porcelain, vinyl, plastics, etc.


We do not pretend that health protocols are forgotten, we just want to add more security and peace of mind to our lives.

Ceramica tratada por TNS Nano
Productos tratados con aditivo antiviral

From items such as toilets to tiles and ceramics, they provide surfaces that offer antiviral protection  and antimicrobial in a continuous and long-lasting way.

Ceramic is a non-metallic solid inorganic material, which in turn is compatible with our additives, these actives are composed of nanoparticles that, when incorporated into ceramic enamel, offer continuous protection to the product, actively controlling the growth of viruses and bacteria. throughout the life of ceramics.

Our additives are compatible with the most varied types of manufacturing processes and existing mixtures, without altering the characteristic properties of the final products. Additionally, concentrations of our additives have been shown to be effective from small application scales and can be added to processes in powder or liquid form.

Here some more applications

Productos con tecnologia TNS Nano
Productos tratados con Aditivos antivirales
Productos con aditivos antivirales
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