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Entry control Totem

Totem Protocolos COVID19

This is a control and capacity center. The person who is entering will measure his temperature automatically by bringing his forehead or wrist closer and he will take alcohol in gel by pressing the pedal. The totem will be measuring the capacity continuously with sensors and it will count the number of people entering and leaving. It also gives alarms in case a visitor arrives with high temperature or if the capacity has reached its limit.

Uv lamp

Equipo para desinfección luz ultravioleta

Equipment for disinfection by Ultraviolet light - UVC 254nm GERMICIDE

Designed for the disinfection of surfaces and elimination of viruses, with a reflector system that allows to focus on specific areas where continuous disinfection is required. The unit has a remote control and timer to control the disinfection cycles.

Antiviral Air Purifier

Purificador de aire antiviral

Aura Air is a four-stage system: The pre-filter traps large dust particles, the 99.98% HEPA particle filter is effective down to 0.3 microns, The carbon layer absorbs VOCs and bad odors. Copper Cloth inactivates viruses and bacteria. UVC LED light is very effective in neutralizing bacteria, viruses and parasites.

In addition, the Esterionizer, which is based on bipolar ionization technology, generates positive and negative ions helping to neutralize bacteria, viruses and parasites, by destroying the proteins of the cell membrane.

Antiviral Nebulizer

Nebulizador antiviral

It is a Nano Atomizer that disinfects surfaces and items that enter the enclosure.

It is used with hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) diluted in filtered water.

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