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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Solvay's yarn antiviral fabrics work ?

How do TNS additives work ?

TNS, is a leader in Antiviral and Antimicrobial Nanotechnology. It is a Brazilian company that is recognized in Brazil and around the world.

Our additives are compatible with all currently used resins, without altering the mechanical properties. Furthermore, the concentrations in our products produce the reduced application scale effects by inactivating the microorganisms with silver or copper ions. They can be applied both in its liquid form and incorporated in resins and masterbatches.

We have additives for Polymers, Plastics, Vinyl, Laminates, Ceramics, Paints, Foams, Fibers, Paper and Cellulose.

Our additives are permanent and neutralize viruses including coronaviruses and bacteria in up to 30 seconds.


The Solvay Amni® yarn is made of polyamide that contains in its polymeric matrix an antiviral and antibacterial agent that helps to block cross contamination of viruses and bacteria.

It was developed to combat the proliferation of bacteria and the transmission of viruses in textile articles, including enveloped viruses as viruses such as influenza, herpes, the new coronavirus and others are classified.

Articles made with this thread reduce the possibility of contamination, since they have the ability to inactivate microorganisms (viruses and bacteria) present on the surface of the textile. This thread acts on the groups of enveloped, non-enveloped viruses and bacteria.

These fabrics are not polluting since they do not lose their structure when washed.

How long does the Film with Nanox technology last?

The Film has a permanent effect, but since it is a plastic film it is recommended to change it in six months, depending on the use, for places of high traffic due to the abrasive nature of the contact, it must be changed every three months.

Unlike the competition, when the film is contaminated, the virus or bacteria will be deactivated in less than 2 minutes.

This Film belongs to the Promasafe line and is backed by Nanox's Nanox Clean technology, which guarantees its antiviral and antimicrobial protection. In addition, it has been tested with the Latin American knowledge of COVID-19.

How long does the Germagic coating last?

Germagic coating must be installed on clean surfaces and is very simply to do. It creates a protective film.

Its duration is up to 90 days and the virus would be eliminated in less than 10 minutes. This product is certified by various laboratories in Hong Kong and Australia. The certification is antibacterial and viral. The test with the Latin American strains of COVID-19 is pending, because there is no consensus in the medical community about the standard of tests for these coronaviruses. But similar virus tests have been used with 99.99% of success.

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