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Antiviral Plastic Films

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PROMAFLEX has developed the PROMASAFE Film with antiviral properties that protects us from cross contamination, inactivating the new coronavirus in less than two minutes. This can be adhered to any surface providing security in areas of frequent contact. It is easy to apply and remove, without leaving adhesive residue. It is non-allergenic and although its properties are permanent, in the case of high traffic it is recommended to change it 180 days after its application. It can be used on door handles, elevator buttons, ATMs, handrails, and desks. It is useful in Buses, Trains, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Banks, Supermarkets, Clinics and Hospitals. PROMASAFE is a product of PROMAFLEX, it is the largest in the field in all of Latin America with a wide variety of films and blankets, among them is the XO MOFO anti-mold blanket, very useful in cities facing the sea.

ALPFILM has developed its PROTECT line for the food industry. It is an antibacterial plastic film that maintains the freshness of food, extending its expiration date. It also has an antiviral effect which deactivates viruses in 15 minutes.

ALPFILM the antibacterial film

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